Cost of Attendance


Cost of Attendance (COA) is the estimated amount it will cost you to go to college.

Upon completion of the FAFSA, all students are assigned a budget based on the housing status reported. Estimated budgets for Great Bay Community College are below.

2023-2024 Student Budget

Not Living with Parent

Living with Parent 

Less than Half Time 

Tuition/Fees (Direct Cost)$5,980$5,980$2,620 
Books/Course Materials/Supplies/Equipment (Indirect Cost)$1,400$1,400$700
Housing & Food (Indirect Cost)$17,686$13,790 N/A
Transportation (Indirect Cost)$5,110$5,110$2,044
Personal/Miscellaneous (Indirect Cost)$1,800$1,800 N/A
Total Estimated Cost of Attendance (COA)$31,976$28,080$5,364

Tuition cost estimates are based upon full-time course load (12 credits for both Fall and Spring semesters) and the In-State Tuition rate of $215 per credit. If you live more than 50 miles from campus (and outside NH), the tuition rate may be higher (see Tuition for more info).

Fees are estimated based upon the $25 per credit comprehensive fee, and one course per semester that has a $110 academic instruction fee (see Fees for more info).

Direct Costs are estimated, and will appear directly on a tuition bill.

Indirect Costs are estimated, and will not appear on a tuition bill, but are costs that students will likely incur.


of students receive financial aid

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